Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy Summary:

At IceAnimations.com, our customers are the most important asset. It is therefore the reason we focus on providing excellent customer service that is safe and secure. The information you share allows us to provide you with the required products or services so that you gain an overall amazing shopping experience. IceAnimations.com always protects your privacy and your personal information such as name, address, contact, and email address is kept confidential. Some of the main policy outlines that we follow are:

  • How is your personal information collected;
  • What is the reason for collecting the personal information;
  • What policies and technologies are implemented to protect your confidential information;
  • With whom do we share your personal information and why;
  • What are the choices available to you regarding our method of collecting information and its usage;
How And Why Do We Collect Your Information?

IceAnimations.com collects your personal information automatically from your browser and your system which includes your IP address, the page you requested, the software and hardware attributes, and IceAnimations.com cookie information. This information is used to improve your experience and get your desired products and services easily. The other type of information is what you provide us yourself. For example, when you create an account and enter your personal information, we ask you to provide us with your name, email address, contact, and postal address.

The information helps us to show you customized content and also allows us to fulfill your requests easily. We contact you to ask about your demands and conduct research so that you get a refined surfing and shopping experience. In short, your personal information is basically used to perform important business functions which include marketing and fraud prevention.

Our Website’s Privacy Policy:

An important thing to note is that, when you use our website you agree to the terms that we have described in our privacy policy. You consent to the fact that we collect, use, and disclose your personal information but for the reasons described above only. We never collect, use or share your personal information without your permission.

How Long Will Your Personal Information Stay On The Web Traffic?

IceAnimations.com keeps your personal information as long as it is necessary, that is, till the period you want the products and services from us. Furthermore, if you are in a contract with us, we’ll hold your information as it is necessary for the relevant service. However, when you delete your account at IceAnimations.com, the system sends a red flag to the database where your personal information is held. Then that account cannot be accessed by you but the information still remains in the database for one year. The information is kept for administration purposes only and then it is deleted completely.

We never sell, rent, or share your personal information with third-party companies that are not affiliated with us, our main purpose is to provide you with the products and services you requested. The content that you have provided us with your consent will be protected and we will use it only for the purpose you have submitted it and as long as it is required. The information that is shared with third parties or affiliated groups is the one that is done with your permission and to improve your experience with us. The third parties are those who are our trusted partners and have agreed to work with us so that the services are enhanced.

We believe that it is imperative to use customers’ information so that suspected fraud is prevented and illegal activities are monitored. The personal information of our clients helps us prevent such actions and also investigate the matter easily. This is because our customers’ privacy and confidentiality are of great importance to us and we don’t want others to steal the information or violate the terms of use and privacy policy of IceAnimations.com.

IceAnimations.com also informs its customers if the company is merged or acquired by another company. We will notify you before the step is taken and when your information is being transferred to another company. Based on the personal information that you have provided, IceAnimations.com will also give targeted advertisements. We don’t provide your information to another advertiser whenever you view a targeted ad, and that’s what makes us different from others.

What Is Our Cookie Policy?

A cookie is a small file that is stored on the user’s system (computer, mobile, or any other device). The file contains data related to the particular user and the website. This file can be accessed only by the client or the web server. All the websites can send their own cookies to their users’ browsers if the users have allowed the feature in the browser preference. A website can access only those cookies that are sent to you by it and not by others. Whenever you visit a website, the website will access the cookie to keep track of the online traffic flow.

Cookies store information about your online activities and allow us to customize our website according to your interests. If you have set your device or system to accept cookies, you can also set it to notify you when a cookie is issued and when you don’t want to receive a cookie. However, if you don’t receive a cookie or you haven’t allowed your browser to accept cookies at all, you won’t be able to get our customized service and take full advantage of the features we offer at IceAnimations.com. If you want to check your settings, you should know that all the browsers are different and you should go to the ‘Help’ option to understand the cookie preferences and settings.

Whenever you visit IceAnimations.com, all the cookies for the pages you visit will be downloaded to your device from where you are visiting. This is what most of the big websites do because it allows them to carry out necessary business-related tasks. The website will know whether you’re visiting it for the first time or you make frequent visits.

How Do We Use The Cookies For Data Interpretation?

IceAnimations.com uses the information received by the cookies to analyze and evaluate the visitors and their interests. This allows us to provide a better and enhanced experience to the user. If you visit our website for a particular product or service, we’ll get to know about it and then we’ll show you relevant items when you pay your next visit. We also use the cookies for conducting research and measurement. The cookies are also being used for investigating if there’s any violation of terms and conditions happening or the third parties are using our customers’ data without consent.

Sometimes the cookies sent by our website also work on your device so that they help other online elements to work properly on the device. If the cookies are used for this purpose, the website will notify you and let you know regarding the privacy policy.

How Do We Protect Our Customers’ Information?

We realize that maintaining the security of our customer's and visitors’ personal information is imperative. We take reliable and authentic security measures that include administrative, physical, and technical safeguards that are deployed to protect your information. The safety and security of your personal information is of prime importance and we follow the industry standard practices to protect the data that you provide us. The method of transmission that we use for sending or receiving your personal information is very secure.

No matter what device you’re using to access our website, we use adequate safety measures to protect your information. We use encryption technology (SSL) to protect the personal information of our customers. If you have any concerns regarding our security measures you can contact us here.

Will You Be Notified For Marketing?

IceAnimations.com will not contact you unless you have allowed us to do so for marketing purposes. We promote our new products and services to those customers who agree to get notified of this, otherwise, we don’t disturb our customers who don’t wish to be contacted.

Changes In The Privacy Policy:

If IceAnimations.com makes some changes in the privacy policy, the changes will be present on the Home page so that the customers know about them. We also advise our customers to go through the privacy policy in case it's updated. This is because sometimes we change the privacy policy and it is important for the customer to know about it before providing their personal information to us. We also notify our customers through email if there is a big change in the website’s privacy policy.

Contact Us:

If you have any other concerns regarding our privacy policy, you can contact us here. You are always welcome to inquire about the methods we use to collect your personal information and the ways in which we use it.